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ONLINE CLASS: Women in America

Because I need to deal with a family medical issue, we will not have class on October 28, 2014. We will, however, have an online activity, and this activity will be worth 25 points, so do not forget to do it.

Part 1: Read the assigned readings about women in America. See the Syllabus for specifics.

Part 2: Post a response to one of the questions below. Be sure to type your response in MS Word and then copy and paste your response into your post. Give your post a clear title that indicates the specific point beyond "Women's Rights" you are addressing. Your response should employ at least one significant quote as the basis for your response, and I would expect at least a page double-spaced in MS Word as a minimum length. (20 points)

  • Many current readers are surprised to see how the issues facing women in early America still resonate today. Using at least one major quotation from the readings, identify an issue that still affects women. How do the women then define the issue? What solution do they see to the concern? How does the problem manifest itself today?
  • The same readings document a range of problems that women faced that have improved somewhat over the past 200 years. Using a strong quotation drawn from the readings, identify an issue that you believe has improved for women. Outline the concern as they saw it and identify how it has improved for women living today.
  • All of the women's voices in the readings can be considered feminist voices, but by today's standards, their feminism is not particularly radical (although it was very radical at the time). Using at least one long quotation, identify a position that would have been considered radical then that seems fairly straightforward today and explain how that shift occurred.

Part 3: Respond to a classmate (5 points). Read the post by the person who is immediately below yours and write a paragraph response to the issues raised by the writer. Be respectful: if you disagree with the person's position, say why (preferably with a quotation that supports your claim). If you agree, offer additional evidence in the form of a quotation that helps to bolster his or her point. Note: the first person to post will not have to respond to a classmate. He or she will get the five points for being first.

These activities should be completed by 4PM on Tuesday, October 28th.



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