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When preparing to write an activity, it can be useful to write out your thoughts about your topic informally, with no intention of using the text produced in the actual paper. Simply writing non-stop without concern for grammar, unity, or even coherence can free your mind to generate content details or ideas that you can then use in the formal paper. Towards that end, each of you will need to review the paper topic. Select two potential topics: a school related experience that changed your life in a positive way and a one that changed it in a negative way. For each topic, write a long paragraph (3/4ths of a page, typed and double-spaced) that details who you were before each experience, who you were after, and key details that someone hearing the story would need to know. Post these paragraphs in the "Paper 1: Prewriting" forum as both an attached MS Word file and a copy and paste text.


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