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Read the two options for for your final paper and then type your response to the following questions in MS Word. Print a copy to bring to class and post a copy (both as a copy/paste and attached file) to the discussion board in the "Prewriting" forum.

1. List three cause/effect issues you might write about education for Option 1.

2. Pick one of these cause/effect relationships and type out an informal freewriting that explores the cause and effect relationship related to a problem you see in schools. The paragraph should be at least three-fourths of a page double-spaced typed.

3. List out at least three historical figures or events that you think were probably sanitized in your past (or current) history classes.

4. Pick one and try to explain who benefits from that particular individual or event being presented in a sanitized way. What issues in today's society would be affected by a more complete picture of the individual or event? Again, this should be about three-fourths of a page.



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