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Exchange papers with your partner. After writing "Read by" and give your name at the top of the paper. Read and mark the paper for the following:

  • Typos, grammatical problems, missed transitions, and confusing statements
  • Quote mechanics (missing signal phrase, misplaced or incorrect parenthetical citations, lack of discussion)
  • Noteworthy sections that are particularly effective
  • Formatting issues, particularly with the works cited page (own page, continued page numbering, titled properly, hanging indent for citation, proper "Work in an Anthology" citation)

Then write a note that discusses the following:

  • Is the paper primarily an evaluation of the specific teacher using Freire's terms or is it a critique of Freire's concepts that uses a teacher as an example? If you aren't sure, point that out to the writer and suggest picking a specific approach based on the content of the paper.
  • Is Freire identified properly along with his essay in the introduction? Is the teacher?
  • Look at each use of textual evidence from Freire: do the quotes support the interpretation being advanced in that paragraph? Are there quotes that should be in the paper that aren't?
  • Ultimately, does the author make a clear point in the conclusion that explains why he or she is talking about Freire and the specific teacher?



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