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Thanks to all that snow plus my conference in Florida, we will not have class on March 12th. We do, however have an online activity. Please post your most current draft in the Paper #2 Draft 2 forum by the time you class is regularly scheduled to start. Follow these guidelines:

  • Post a copy of the paper as a Copy and Paste AND as a MS Word file. Those of you not using MS Word should save as/export the file as an MS Word file.
  • Do this by 8AM on Thursday, March 12.
  • You have until 9PM to post a reply to your partner's paper.
  • When you reply, download the file to your computer, open it in MS Word, and use the INSERT COMMENTS feature. Instructions for using INSERT COMMENTS can be found here: http://www.gcflearnfree.org/word2013/26.4
  • After marking the paper for errors, positive comments, areas that are confusing, quote mechanics, format issues, works cited issues, and transitions, write them a note that address the following:

    1. Is the author using Freire's essay to evaluate the educational method of a teacher, or is he or she using a teacher (or teachers) as examples to make an evaluation of Freire's theories? Either is acceptable, but the paper needs to be clear on its intent.

    2. How effectively is Freire introduced in the first paragraph? Is the title given (and properly marked as an essay in quotation marks, not in italics)? Is Freire's full name given on first mention? Is the basic argument of the essay clear?

    3. Does the conclusion offer something more than simply saying someone was a banker or a problem poser? If so, what is it saying? Is this a meaningful conclusion that could, in theory, get someone to believe a bigger point than simply defining a person as a banker or problem poser? If not, how could they expand the conclusion to address a broader issue? What suggested broader issues can you think of?

    4. If you were to disagree with a point or claim in the paper, how would you argue against it? Politely indicate what you would say and then suggest how the author might preemptively address that argument to defuse it before it becomes a problem.

    5. Do all the quotes have a signal phrase, the actual quotation, a citation after the quotation but before the next natural piece of punctuation, and then discussion? Can you easily link the citations to a works cited entry? What needs work?

    6. Overall, what's the best part of the paper? What should the author do beyond fixing mechanics and finishing the paper to improve it?

  • Once you've written your response, go back to the discussion board and hit REPLY to your partner's post. Attach the file to your response by 9PM 3/12/2015. Then go read the response you received.



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