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Please read and mark your partner's paper, starting by writing "Read by______" and your name at the top. Remember to mark the following:

  • Sections that are particularly strong
  • Grammar and punctuation errors
  • Quote mechanics and citation errors (remember each quote needs a signal phrase, the quote, the citation, and discussion)
  • Facts/statistics/ideas that clearly came from research even though they are not quoted and need citations

Then write a note that comments on the following:

For Educational Problems:

  • What is the problem being discussed? What causes it? What is the effect of the problem? How effectively is this set up in the paper? How much evidence actually supports it?
  • What does the writer want to see done about the problem?
  • How effectively is the research used to support the discussion of the problem and to justify the proposed solution?

For Historical Issues:

  • What is the historical issue under discussion? How clearly is the lack of teaching on this issue established?
  • How clearly does the author explain why this historical moment is essential to be taught?
  • How effectively are sources used?



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