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Please work with someone you have not worked with before. Write "read by" and your name at the top of your partner's paper and then mark the paper. In addition to grammatical errors, please look for the following:

  • Each quotation has a signal phrase, the actual quote in quotation marks, a citation after the quote but before the next natural piece of punctuation, and discussion.
  • Paragraphs avoid starting or ending with a quotation.
  • Transitions occur at the beginning of the paragraph, not at the end.
  • Works cited page accuracy (alphabetized, formatted correctly, uses MLA style)

Then write at least two paragraphs discussing the following:

  • What works about the paper? Talk in terms of a clear thesis that has to be proven, organization, clarity of evidence, and strength of interpretation of the evidence.
  • What needs work about the paper?

Please give folks the kind of advice you would want to hear as you do your final revision. It's better to say (kindly) if there's an issue than to stay silent: you may be saving your partner's grade.



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