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REMINDER #1: Please schedule your conferences. Bring a physical printout of your paper to your conference.

REMINDER #2: Post today's draft to the discussion board. Before your conference, revise the paper again and post a copy to the discussion board.

For this peer review, you will read and mark the paper as always. On the first page, write "Read by" and your name. Also indicate if the paper is a "Complete Draft" (at least 6 full pages + a proper MLA Works Cited Page) or an "Incomplete Draft" (less than 6 full pages, missing or inproper MLA Works Cited Page). If the paper is incomplete, list what needs to be done. Then write your partner a note that is at least half a page long that addresses the following issues:

  1. ARGUMENT: Does the paper have a clear claim that moves beyond simply giving information to the reader? Restate the specific thesis and its link to monster concepts. Indicate if this claim needs to be improved in the introduction, conclusion, and body of the paper. How might they improve it? Do you buy the argument overall?
  2. EVIDENCE: Does the paper link strong evidence to claims throughout the paper? What is currently working with the use of evidence in the paper? What's the best evidence in the paper right now? Where does evidence seem lacking? What do you wish you knew that still isn't clear in the paper?
  3. FORMAT AND MECHANICS: What formatting issues do you see in the paper layout and MLA style? Is the works cited page set up correctly and are the citations correct in terms of content, alphabetization, italics/quotation marks, spacing, and hanging indents? Does every quotation have a signal phrase, the quote itself, a citation, and discussion?
  4. FINAL THOUGHTS: What final advice do you have for the writer?




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