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For this review, exchange papers with someone at least three seats from you. Write "Read by_______" and your name at the top, and read the paper, marking awkward areas, particularly successful areas, typos, and errors. Then complete the questions on this piece of paper and hand it to your partner, along with the draft. Please use all the available space.

Name of reviewer: ____________________________________________________

Name of the paper's author: _____________________________________________ Title of the paper: __________________________________________

Is the paper at least 2 pages long? ______________ How many pages is it? __________________

Briefly describe the topic of the paper:

Briefly explain what the cultural implications of the monster under discussion are. In other words, what specifically is the writer trying to prove about this monster besides giving factual information about what the monster did.

Besides working on the grammar and finishing the paper, what advice do you have for the writer as they continue to work on the draft? Give at least three suggestions.




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