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Working with the partner from a different row than yours, read and mark his or her paper, noting errors, citation problems, confusing areas, weak transitions, and areas that work especially well. Then write a note that address the following:

1. Restating both the topic and the specific thesis of the paper, comment on how effectively the introduction sets up the paper. Make sure that you observe how well the writer introduces the primary text (either the film or one of the two novels), the secondary text (one of the monster theories), the major points of the paper, and the springboard statement. What works especially well about the introduction? What needs work?

2. Identify the best use of one of the monster theories in the paper. Why is this use so effective? Explain how the theory is linked to the text.

3. Identify the weakest use of one of the monster theories in the paper. Explain why it either doesn't work at all or needs improvement.

4. Are there any obvious points that either need to be added or refined? For example, can you point to a counter-argument to a specific claim or offer an additional supporting detail from either the primary text or the theory that could further flesh out the point?

5. Offer a final statement on changes you think must be made to the paper and things that should not be changed.




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