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Organize yourselves into groups of three. You will need to read, mark, and comment on two papers and get feedback on two papers.


Please complete this portion about your own paper:

1. What is the "monster" or "horror" you are writing about?

2. What is your working definition of a monster?

3. What is your argument? Don't simply say that you are writing about why your topic is a monster: what specifically makes this person/thing a monster and what is that saying about a specific cultural fear or prejudice? If you are "demonsterfying" a person or group, why should we NOT see your person or group as a monster?

Part II: Peer Review

1. Write "read by ______" and your name at the top of your partner's paper.

2. Read and mark the paper for particularly praiseworthy parts and areas that need work. Pay attention to format, MLA quotation rules (especially the four parts of a quotation), transitions, and analysis of evidence.

3. Write the author a note (either on the back of the paper or on a separate piece of paper) that address the following:

  • Discuss three strengths of the paper.
  • Identify and restate the core argument of the paper. If the paper feels purely informational, warn the writer and suggest a way to refine the thesis.
  • Discuss three weaknesses in the paper and what the author can do to help improve them.
  • Discuss any questions you have about the topic and anything you'd like to see developed more.
  • Discuss the quality of the sources, the effectiveness of the use of researched evidence to support the argument, and the range of sources used throughout the paper. If the author seems to rely on one or two key sources, call the author out on it.
  • Close with a positive comment.




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