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For our second peer review, get into a group of three. These people should be different from the two who read your paper during our first peer review. Read and mark both of your new partner's drafts, marking potential problem areas and particularly effective sections. Verify that each quote has a signal phrase, quotation, a citation, and discussion. Also verify that the punctuation of the signal phrase and the citation placement is correct. Then write out a note that details the following:

  1. Discuss the introduction: How quickly does it raise a specific issue about the novel? Does it identify the novel and the author in the first few sentences? Does it set up a clear plan of develop that lays out the major points in the paper? Does it end with an idea that restates the point the paper is trying to prove?
  2. What's the best paragraph in the paper? Comment on how the transition at the beginning of the paragraph, how clearly the first sentence establishes a claim (rather than a fact), how solid the evidence is, and how effectively the evidence is discussed. In other words, what specifically makes it a good paragraph?
  3. What's the least effective paragraph? Does it have a clear focus? Is there a strong transition? Is there solid evidence? Is that evidence clearly linked to the point of the paragraph? Is it too long? Too short?
  4. How effective is the conclusion? Does it avoid starting with "in conclusion"? Does it avoid introducing new evidence into the paper? Does it tie together all the major points in the paper? Does it attempt to expand the thesis to a slightly broader point?
  5. Is there a works cited page? Does it say "Works cited" the top, centered? Does it use a hanging indent? Are the citations correct? Are they alphabetized (if there is more than one)?
  6. What final advice do you have for the writer as they do a final draft tonight?



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