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Working in a group of three (with at least one person who has never read your writing so far), read and mark both of your partners' papers. If you have a group of four, you need to read two of your partners' papers. For each paper, do the following:

  • Write "Read by [your name]" at the top.
  • Complement effective moments in the paper (transitions, quote mechanics, strong quote selection, analysis, word choice, etc.)
  • Mark quotes that lack either a signal phrase, proper quote mechanics, correct citation and placement, and discussion.
  • Grammatical errors and sentences that don't read clearly
  • Weak transitions.

Then write a note that does the following:

  • Identifies the primary text (book or movie) and the secondary text (theory) being used.
  • Explains the thesis as you understand it based on the draft so far
  • Offers suggestions on ways to improve the introduction
  • Comments on how effectively the paper avoids too much summary without analysis
  • Comments on how effectively the secondary source is used to support the writer's claims
  • Offers suggestions on what to add to make it a complete draft



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