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Note: we will do this in class.

On our last day of class, I would like to have each of you write a note about your experience in the course so that I can evaluate the content and teaching methods used in the course. What I would like is a note to me that addresses the following questions, but I would prefer it to feel like a letter rather than a list of answers to numbered questions. I would also like you to be expansive in your responses rather than writing the least amount possible. I will not read these until after the grades have been posted.

1. We've been reading and writing about monsters all semester. What worked and did not work for you about the monster concept as a guiding topic? Has it impacted the way you think about either popular culture, the way we label groups, or other issues? How so? If it did not impact you, can you think of a semester-long issue that might have been more effective in helping you to develop your writing skills?

2. What were the most helpful parts of the course? What parts could be improved? Please be specific.

3. How will you deal with long-term writing assignments in the future? Did any of the activities or drafting help you improve your writing? What resources can you call on when you have to write without direct support from your instructor or boss in the future?

4. Class discussion is a central part of my teaching method, but having a conversation virtually has unique challenges. If you were a frequent participant in the class discussions, how did that help you to understand the material? If you were a quiet member of the class during discussions, did you get anything at all out of hearing the discussions? If so, how did they help? How can I help encourage you to participate short of insisting?

5. Is there anything else you think I should know about your experience in the course?

Completing this post on the last day of class with get you five points of extra credit.