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Choose one of the following options on which to write a 3.5 to 5 page paper.

OPTION 1: 28 Days Later

Having watched 28 Days Later in class, our next paper will ask you to use at least one of the theoretical readings from the unit as a basis for an argument that addresses one of the following questions. You may choose to answer one of these questions in response to 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, or both films.

OPTION 2: I Am Legend or Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Each of you will need to write a 3.5 to 5 page paper that deals with one of the above topics. You will need to quote from both the primary text (either a film or novel) and the secondary source (i.e. the theories from the syllabus), avoid summarization, and argue a specific interpretation. A works cited page is expected, plagiarism is forbidden, and proper quote mechanics (including citations, signal phrases, and quotation marks) are required. Make sure your introduction sets up both the primary text and the theory with an introduction of the titles of key works and authors/directors.

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT "MONSTER CULTURE (SEVEN THESES)": You do not have to refer to the theories by number. Simply indicate something like this: "Cohen argues that 'The monster always escapes'" (4). No need for numbers that nobody cares about.

A final caution: while you will be using the theories from the readings to support your argument, remember that you are building your own argument and using the readings as support for your interpretation. Don't let the readings take over your own ideas.

Expectations of a successful paper:

CAUTION: There is no need to specifically name each thesis from Cohen's essay in the body of your paper. Make sure each quote you use from your theoretical source actually matches the example from your primary text. Just putting an unrelated theory quote next to an example from your primary text is not enough: the theory must help explain or interpret the point being made about the primary text.

Previously Learned Skills required for this assignment:

New Skills required for this assignment: