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You will each have a partner for this peer review. As you read, make positive comments about the parts of the paper that work well and note areas where they may want to revise the paper to avoid confusion, to fix a formatting error, a problem with their quotes or title identifications, weak transitions, unclear ideas, or grammatical errors.

Then on your own paper, answer the following questions:

  1. Write out your name.
  2. The author of the paper's name.
  3. Which primary text are they writing about? (I Am Legend, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or 28 Days Later)
  4. Which secondary/theory text are they using ["Monster Culture (Seven Theses)," The Horror Film, or The Monster Show]
  5. (If you can't tell which primary text or secondary text the author is using from the first paragraph, warn them that they need to make that clear).
  6. What is the author's thesis that they are trying to prove in the paper?
  7. Is the paper formated properly?
  8. Is the author avoiding summary without making a claim that is proven by the summary?
  9. What is the best use of a quote from the primary text? Why is this good?
  10. What is the best use of a quote from a secondary text? Why is this good?
  11. Where does author need to add more quotes or explanations of quotes?
  12. What advice do you have for the writer as they complete their draft for conference?