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For this peer review, you will need to read and comment on two papers as assigned. Begin by writing "Read by [your name]" at the top. Please make comments directly on the draft. Your comments should make positive observations about particularly effective thesis statements, funny lines, strong transitions, effective quote selection/mechanics, and strong analysis. You should also indicate areas where the point is not clear, where there are potential errors in format, grammar, and MLA-related issues with citations and works cited, and places where a transition needs to be developed or analysis needs to be strengthened.

At the end of the paper, write a note directly at the end that addresses the writer and talks about the following points:

1. What works in the paper so far for you as a reader?

2. Restate what you think the topic is and what specifically the author is trying to prove. If they are trying to prove someone/something is a monster or monstrous, be specific about what the paper's argument says about why this particularly person/group/thing rises above the general idea of "terrible" to fully monstrous. If they are talking about a scapegoat, articulate the author's argument on why the monstrous label is false. If you aren't sure of the argument, let the writer know and suggest a thesis for them to consider.

3. How effectively does the writer use one of our three theory texts? What could be done to improve that?

4. Identify the best use of quotations and research in the paper in terms of both the facts presented and the analysis and discuss why it works. Then identify the weakest use of evidence or analysis (or a place where they need evidence) and perhaps suggest what might go there.

5. What general advice would you provide for the writer as they continue their draft?