1. Sign up for a conference with Dr. Halbert using "My Success Network"/Starfish on the MC3 Portal.

2. You should get an email with instructions on how to join the conference from "Starfish."

3. Write down the day and time in your calendar. If your calendar has a reminder feature, use it so you do not forget to show up.

4. Five minutes before your conference is to start, log into Blackboard.

5. Click on "Conference Space." This link will take you to "Blackboard Collaborate."

6. Locate your conference by your last name, the date of the conference, and the time.

7. Click on your conference.

8. On the right side, find the button marked "Join session" to join.

9. Make sure you allow your microphone and camera to work.

Please note: if you try to log in after the session is set to end, the link will disappear.

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