Dr. Harold William Halbert

Please email the following information to me at hhalbert@mc3.edu. In preparing your message, please observe the following rules:

1. Please download the Microsoft Exel spreadsheet.

Provide each piece of information in the highlighted box immediately below the requested fact. If you aren't sure what to put, move your cursor over the red triangle in the upper right corner of each box for an explanation. If you do not have Excel, download the Comma Separated File into whatever spreadsheet program you use. If one of the entries does not apply to you, leave it blank.

2. Rename the file when you SAVE AS.

Click on FILE and then SAVE AS. Change the file name to include your last name, your first initial, and the course number in which you are enrolled. Example: Smith_T_245.xls

3. Use this specific guideline for your email subject line.

Please put the following information in the subject line: Course, section, first name, last name, Contact Information. It should look similar to this: ENG 102 OSC Tom Smith's Contact Information. Substitute your own information for the class and section number.

4. Send your response from your most commonly used email address.

Email me from the account you check the most.

(Your ability to follow these instructions will help form my first impression of you as a student, so please do your best to follow them)

Be advised that I collect this information largely to help you: occasionally, I need to contact students immediately in order to prevent a potentially devastating outcome in the course. I will not give this information to other students, and I will not contact you for non-class issues. You will never get a charity solicitation, chain letter, funny online posting, or the like from me. If I contact you by email or phone, it means that there is information you need to have immediately. Do not ignore it.