The follow contract outline the major expectations of each student in Dr. Halbert's courses. Not every expectation is detailed here: for a complete list, please see the course syllabus.


All students are expected to communicate with Dr. Halbert whenever they need extra help, have concerns about the content or conduct of the course, face unexpected problems that interfere with course work, or have upcoming issues that may require an extension or a planned absence. If he doesn't know about a concern, he cannot help or address it.


Students start the course with 12 points of extra credit that serve as "sick days." Each class attended is worth one point. Each class missed is -5 points, regardless of the reason. Each late arrival is -2 points. Students who miss five or more classes automatically fail the course. Five absences results in an F.


When drafts are due, you must post a copy (both as copy and paste AND as a file attachment). Print a copy for review prior to class starting. Points are given only if the writer is in class for peer review.


All major papers must be submitted in order to pass the course. Failure to submit all major papers will result in an F even if the course average would otherwise allow the student to pass. In order to be considered fully submitted, each final paper should be submitted to Dropbox, submitted to, and posted to the discussion boards.


Students can rewrite one of their graded final papers for entirely new grades. See the class web site for details.6. 5. OTHER COURSE WORK

6. This course has homework due on almost every night. Failure to post drafts, bring drafts to class, read and mark texts, or complete other assignments, both small and large, will rapidly snowball into significant point loss. Students who fail my courses generally do so because they do not keep up with the required work load. Gifted writers who do not keep up with the work can fail the course while average writers can get a high B and even occasionally an A in the course simply by keeping up.


Using the words or ideas of others without proper documentation is unethical and completely unacceptable. I vigorously pursue academic dishonesty: the standard penalty is failure in the course if you are caught. In particularly egregious cases, I seek to have a mark of academic dishonesty placed on student transcripts so that the act of plagiarism will follow you wherever you attempt to transfer. Do not plagiarize in this class.87. CELL PHONES, MP3 PLAYERS, LAPTOPS, and OTHER ELECTRONICS

8. Students are expected to silence their cell phones and to refrain from sending or receiving text messages. Do not answer cell phones in class unless I have been warned ahead of time that an important call is expected. Use of MP3 players, recording devices, cameras, portable gaming systems, and laptops (for any purpose other than drafting or note taking) is prohibited. If a student needs to record a class session, they should ask permission first.


My courses are designed to deal with adult issues often centering around controversial cultural and historical conflicts. At times, the class readings, lectures, and discussions may question ideas or beliefs that individual students hold dear. In addition, the language used in the course may range from highly technical jargon to the vernacular, including profanity. Students who wish to avoid such a classroom environment should seek another section of the course.


My courses seek to foster a strong sense of intellectual debate. For this approach to work, students and faculty members must treat each other with respect by avoiding personal attacks and offensive labels. We can disagree with each other, but we will do so with respect. Students incapable of doing so will be asked to leave.


Summer courses attempt to compress 14 weeks worth of work into six weeks. Expect to have several hours of homework each night, including weekends.


Students can withdraw without a signature between May 27 and June 10. Between June 11 and June 18, Dr. Halbert's signature is required, and he will need a significant life issue as a justification. After June 19, students need to appeal directly to Academic Affairs and have an extraordinary circumstance to justify the request.


Signature: I have read the above highlights from the syllabus and the syllabus and am aware of the classroom rules.

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Class: English 102 CC2, Summer 2015