1. Go to the MontCo home page and click on the yellow "My.MC3.EDU" link.

2. Log into your MontCo account.

3. Click on the link for "COURSES/BLACKBOARD." It should be the first link listed on the left.

4. Select our course from the list of classes you are taking.

5. In the sidebar menu, select "DISCUSSION BOARD."

6. Find the forum topic in which you are supposed to post and click on it.

7. To post, click on the "Create Thread" button. This button will allow you to add a post to the forum. Then do the following:

Copying and Pasting allows your classmates and your professor to quickly read what you wrote. Attaching the file creates an archive of your work in case your computer becomes infected with a virus, your hard drive fails, or your thumb drive is lost.