Dr. Halbert's Literature Courses

IMPORTANT: you must download a template (MS Word or Rich Text Format) to complete this assignment. All submissions must be in an MS Word file.

Part of your midterm and final exams will be an identification section where you will be given a quotation and asked to identify the author, the title of the piece, and give two to three sentences explaining why the quote is significant (either of the writer, the period, or the cultural issues it discusses). The exam will give ten quotes; you will need to identify five of them.

To help collect these quotes, each of you needs to submit your own list of quotations to me for possible inclusion on the exam as an MS Word email attachment. I will collate the quotations, distribute the entire list to the class, and I will choose the exam quotes from that list.

Your task is to give me 7 quotations from multiple sources (not one or two of your favorites) from our course syllabus. For the midterm quote assignment, limit your choices to items prior to the first quote assignment's due date. For the final quote assignment, select any reading that appears on the syllabus after the first quote assignment was due. Do not give quotes from introductory materials: stick with the actual content readings.

Using the template (MS Word or Rich Text Format) as your guide, give me the following information about each of your seven quotes:

Here's a sample of what one of your seven quotes should look like. Please copy this format:

QUOTE: They were willing to do nothing until they have gone with us and delivered us into the hands of other Indians, as had been the custom: for if they returned without doing so, they were afraid they should die, and going with us, they feared neither Christians nor lances. Our countryman became jealous at this, and caused their interpreter to tell the Indians that we were of them. [Make sure the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation matches the book exactly.]

SOURCE: Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca. Relacion. Vol A. Pg.151 

JUSTIFICATION: This quote demonstrates how Cabeza de Vaca's experiences separated him from both the Indians who helped him and his native Spaniards. His power over the Indians--based in equal parts on the Indians' faith in his powers and in his willingness to treat them as more than potential subjects--gives him a more complete picture of the benefits and costs of conquest, putting him at odds with his countrymen. [Notice that this is not too long but more than a sentence.]

You need to do this for seven quotes. Submit the completed template to the dropbox on Blackboard as an attachment. Rename the file following this convention: Lastname_firstinitial_Eng###_Q1.docx (Your last name, your first initial, your English class (with course number, and quote assignment 1 or 2).