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One task that you will encounter in most college courses is finding, reading, and evaluating academic articles to help inform you as you develop a thesis for a project.  Such readings will provide some of the evidence you will use to support your own claims about a topic.  To use them effectively, you need to evaluate each piece to determine if it's a potentially legitimate source. 

Such essays are also a good way to see how professional academic writers set up their papers.  As you read and mark the text, consider the following issues:

To complete this assignment, download the MS Word template for the assignment.  Read the questions first, then read and mark the assigned essay in order to identify the information you will need to answer the questions.  You may want to have access to the Internet available to you to pull extra information into your answers.  Then submit your assignment to the "Scholarly Article Analysis Project" dropbox as an attachment.  Make sure the filename follows this convention: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_ANALYSIS_ENG000.docx (substituting the appropriate information where needed).