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PART 1:Please read and sign the following:

On my honor, I have not taken the words or ideas of any person, on-line resource, printed text, or other source without properly labeling those words or ideas and giving the proper citation. This paper is a non-recycled, new paper written specifically for Dr. Halbert's Fall 2011 English 211 course. I have never handed this paper in for credit before.

Name: ________________________________ Date: __________________

Signature: ______________________________

PART II: YOU MUST ALSO EMAIL ME A COPY OF YOUR PAPER AS AN EMAIL ATTACHMENT IN MS WORD FORMAT or AS A RICH TEXT FORMAT (.rtf) DOCUMENT BY noon on December 15 , 2011. Please name the file using the following model: LASTNAME_FIRST INITIAL_211_P2 (example: Halbert_H_211_P2.doc. This version will be the version actually graded: the hardcopy version is a backup.

I understand I must send an email attachment of the paper using the file name convention listed above by the appointed time and date

INITIALS: __________________

PART III: Submit your paper to TurnItIn.com (see class web page for instructions in the main menu)

PART IV: Post a copy to the discussion board in the "PAPER 2: Final Version" forum

PART V: Please print a copy of this checklist. Initial each item when you have completed it and then sign it at the bottom. Place this checklist on top of the items listed below. DO NOT INITIAL ITEMS YOU HAVE NOT ACTUALLY COMPLETED. Turnin the packet in class at the start of the final exam.

_____ Uses a 9" x 12" envelope (we will label it in class)

_____ This checklist with signatures, initials, etc. (This goes on top, with subsequent materials under it in order)

_____ Your receipt from TurnItIn.com

_____ Final Draft

_____ Marked "Final Draft to Be Graded" in the Identification information

_____ Uses 1" margins (with a Zero gutter). Click on FORMAT and then DOCUMENT to get the margin controls to work.

_____ Follows the MLA Format guidelines available on the class web page in the handouts section and in the green MLA booklet that came with your textbooks.

_____ Use a 12 point Times New Roman font

_____ Is stapled in the upper left corner

_____ Is neatly printed in black ink, wrinkle-free, and clean

_____ A works cited page (double check page format)

_____ Gives quotes with parenthetical citations that match the works cited page and have signal phrases

_____ Meets the standards set in the MS Word Assignment

_____ Your first draft with peer reviewer's marks and comments

_____ Any other drafts


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