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Voting is an essential part of citizenship, but too often people simply do not bother to register to vote, let alone actually vote. To encourage eligible students to vote, I will offer extra credit to anyone who can provide me a copy of his or her current voter registration card. Please copy it and blur your party affiliation (I don't care or want to know what party, if any, you identify with). Email it to me. You can register to vote here: http://www.votespa.com/portal/server.pt?open=514&objID=1174117&parentname=ObjMgr&parentid=1&mode=2.

The deadline to vote in the November election is October 6th.

Deadline: Noon,October 15, 2014
Possible Points: 5


The Mütter Museum is a medical history museum that collects the kinds of specimins of medical oddities and conditiions that medical students and practicing physicians would have to travel to see in a pre-internet, pre-photo journalism era. Visit the museum, take a picture in front of it to show me you were there, and then write a personal reaction to what you saw. Keep in mind the issues about body deforminty we are discussing in our second unit and in through the readings. Post a copy to the discussion board in the extra credit forum. Your response should be at least 1.5 pages long.

Deadline: Noon, December 8, 2014
Possible Points: 5 to 10 points, depending on quality of response.


Stephen Moffit, famous for his work on Coupling and Doctor Who, developed a modern take on the Jekyll and Hyde story in his six-hour BBC mini-series. Watch the series and then compare it to the actual novel: how does the series open up the novel's themes? Where does it fail to live up to the novel? Ultimately, how does this version of the story live up to what you imagine in your mind? Write at least 1.5 page of reaction to it and post it t the discussion board in the Extra Credit forum. FYI: my podcast did an episode on the series.

Deadline: Noon,December 8, 2014
Possible Points: 5 to 10 points, depending on quality of response.



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