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Background Information on Papers:

1. Read the handout on "Cautions for Writing a Literature Paper" on the handouts page.

2. Skim the handout on "Integrating Quotes into a Paper (MLA Style)."

3. Skim the handout on "How to Deal with Titles."

4. Click on the MLA Citations Guide handout so that you can see the information you might need to document sources.

Written Work:

1. Identify the text or texts from the syllabus you plan to work with.

2. What issue or theme does this text (or texts) contain that interests you?

3. Identify at least five significant quotes from your texts. For each one, type out the entire quote and then put the page number. Explain what each quote means in your own words.

4. You paper has to have a topic and an argument. Identify the topic and then write out a thesis statement that presents your argument as a provable point.

Post the document to the discussion board under the Paper #X: prewriting thread. Be sure to both copy and paste the document AND attach the file.


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