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Outside of my academic and union activities at Montgomery County Community College, I am a local judge of elections (West Norriton 2-1). Voting is a fundamental right in a democracy, and yet too many Americans choose not to register, let alone vote. To provide an incentive for voting, I will give extra credit for the following:

  • Send me a copy of your valid voter registration card with your party identification redacted (I do not want to know or care about your party identification). Email it to Dr. Halbert with the subject line ENG 246 Voting Extra Credit.


  • If you are ineligible to vote in this country (because of age, citizenship, or criminal record), do the following:
    • Take the Pew Research Center Political Party Quiz
    • Take the Political Compass Quiz and read the explanations of their four major political positions
    • Read about American political parties at Ballotpedia (read about Republicans, Democrats, and at least one other independent party)
    • Write up a one-page statement about what political party appeals to you (if any) and why you feel that way. If you don't find any appealing, explain why you reject the major two political parties and what kind of political positions you would like to see a politician support. Email it to Dr. Halbert with the subject line ENG 246 Voting Extra Credit.

You can find out more about registering to vote in Pennsylvania (and actually register online at http://www.votespa.com/en-us/register-to-vote/Pages/How-to-Register.aspx

Due date: April 15, 2018
Possible points: 8 points (8 points for registration, up to 8 points for writeups depending on depth)




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