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OPPORTUNITY 1: Register to Vote (10 Points)
Due on May 3, 2022.

Pennsylvania will be holding a primary election (where the two major parties choose their candidates for the November election) on Tuesday, May 17, 2022. For this extra credit, you must register to vote by Monday, May 2, 2022. You can do so online:

  • Go to the PA Government's Voter Registration Page (https://www.pavoterservices.pa.gov/pages/VoterRegistrationApplication.aspx) and complete the form.
  • Save the Email Confirmation as PDF or take a screenshot of the Confirmation.
  • If you can, please mark out your party affiliation: the goal of this extra credit is not to know your party (that's your personal business), but to get you registered to vote so you can choose to exercise your right to vote.
  • Post a copy in the "Extra Credit Dropbox." Only Dr. Halbert will see it.

If you are not able to register to vote because of citizenship, age, or other legal issues, please write a one-page response that does the following:

  • Take the "Where do you fit in the political typology?" quiz and review your results of your political ideology.
  • Take the "Political Personality Test" quiz to see which American political party best aligns with your political ideology.
  • Write a one-page, informal response that discusses the following:
    • Why you are not able to register to vote.
    • What political typology the quiz indicated you are and how you feel about that label.
    • Which American political party the quiz indicated you are and how you feel about the label.
    • A general statement about how you feel about the concept of voting and if you think you would do it if you were allowed.

OPPORTUNITY 2: Do the Grammar Revision exercise on your first paper. (Up to 25 points)
Due on May 7, 2022

On all but two students papers this semester, when I graded, I marked some issues with an "x" indicating an issue with grammar, syntax, or a quote mechanics issue. I want you to fix this issues so that you can look at your own grammatical issues and begin to learn to identify and edit these mistakes in your own writing. The instructions for the grammar revision are detailed, so review them carefully before starting. Then do the following:

  • Type out the response as described in the instructions for each X comment in the margins of your paper. Remember: you need to show the whole sentence with the error, then write out the whole sentence with the correction, and then write your own rule using your handbook, a web resource, and my explanation as a basis for the rule for each mistake. You may copy and paste the explanation that match similar errors already completed.
  • Upload the grammar revision (using MLA format for the first page) to the "Grammar Revision Dropbox."




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