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OPPORTUNITY 1: Register to Vote (10 Points)
Due on May 2, 2023.

If you are eligible to vote, please register or show that you have already registered. You can do so online:

If you are not able to register to vote because of citizenship, age, or other legal issues, please write a one-page response that does the following:

OPPORTUNITY 2: Do the Grammar Revision exercise on your first paper. (Up to 25 points)
Due on April 23, 2023

On all but two students papers this semester, when I graded, I marked some issues with an "x" indicating an issue with grammar, syntax, or a quote mechanics issue. I want you to fix this issues so that you can look at your own grammatical issues and begin to learn to identify and edit these mistakes in your own writing. The instructions for the grammar revision are detailed, so review them carefully before starting. Then do the following: