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Submitting your final paper requires you to upload the paper twice to two locations:

By submitting your paper, you agree that the paper is a new paper written expressly for this class, not a recycled paper from a previous class, and that you have not plagiarized or otherwise cheated on the paper.

Remember that the final paper is worth 300 points instead of the normal 200 points.. You also should review the MS Word Assignment to make sure your paper uses the formatting tools correctly. The "How to Use MS Word" handout can help you to learn how to use the required features.


Completed? Task
  Compared paper visually to MLA Format Sample? Does the information in the information block follow the MLA sample paper, including the the date?
  Works Cited Page with at least the minimum number and type of sources defined by the Paper #3 instructions.
  Includes a block quote in paper?
  Uses hanging indent for each works cited entry?
  Gives the title and author/director of the book or film being discuss in the first paragraph, along with the author of the critical theory and source for that critical theory.
  Puts either the film or movie title in italics because MLA wants book/film titles in italics?
  Identifies the author or director of the primary text as it appears on the text the first time the name is mentioned and only by the last name only after that in the body of your paper?
  Refrains from using "I" or "you" references? (Use "control-f" to search and see)?

Uses double space (found in the Format-->paragraph-->spacing option)?

  Puts your last name and page number in the header using the insert-->page numbers option?
  Turns off the gap between paragraphs?
  Ensures each quote has a signal phrase, the actual quote, an internal citation, and discussion?
  Is in Times New Roman 12-point font?
  Is more than five paragraphs long?
  Falls within +/- 0.25 pages of the four-page requirement (the Works Cited page does not count as a page)?
  Has a clear argument/thesis statement in the introduction instead of a question or a topic?
  Uses all the proper formatting commands in the MS Word Assignment?
  Submitted to dropbox (MS Word attachment only)?
  Submitted to "Paper #3: Final Draft" Discussion Board Forum (copy and paste AND attach the MS Word File?

The "How to Use MS Word" handout can help you to learn how to use the required word processing features.