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Welcome to English 102: Composition II (Monsters and Culture). To get started in this course, you should read each of the documents linked below. It will introduce you to the course, your instructor, the basic outline of how the course will work, and where specific information is located in the course. While this course takes place Online, it is a synchronous course, meaning you will need to attend class Online Mondays through Thursdays from 10AM until 11:45AM in our Virtual Classroom (unless the Daily Assignments indicates we are not having class). Start by reading the following documents.

To begin the course, start by going to the Assignments page, clicking on Daily Assignments, and completing the bulleted items underneath the date. For each date listed, the items under the date are what are due that day. Complete all of the items listed under the date until you reach the next date on the daily assignments list.

My goal is to be as personable as I can be in this format, to create a useful but fun course, and to get you through your composition sequence with as little trouble as possible. If you work hard, I will find a way to drag you over the finish line. If you do the work, not only will you check off another graduation requirement, but you will be in a better position to handle difficult texts, find and analyze legitimate information and arguments, and to critically engage with others as you discover, develop, challenge, and defend your personal ideological beliefs.