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This page links to the various instructions for major assignments in the course.

1. Daily Assignments: provides a daily schedule of what work is due on specific dates.

  • Bulleted items below a date are what is expected on that date.
  • Unless otherwise noted, readings come from Vol. 1 of the Norton Anthology of African American Literature (vol. 1), which is what "Norton" refers to on the daily assignments list.
  • The first two night's worth of readings, along with material not in the Norton, are available in the Course Materials section on Blackboard.

2. Introduce Yourself: post a photo and brief introduction for the rest of the class to read.

3. Reading Checks: You will need to read and mark all of the required texts for the course for a nightly grade.

4. Lecture Series: Racism in America: Understanding the History of Slavery and Its impact on American Culture (you will need to see three lectures on specific dates)

5. Scholarly Article Analysis Project (to help each of you to understand the expectations of a professional literary analysis to prepare you for your paper assignments)

  • You will need to read and mark "The Path Not Taken: Cultural Identity in the Interesting Life of Olaudah Equiano" (See Course Materials for download)

6. Quotation Assignments (to help the class write the midterm and final exams. No late Quotation Assignments will be accepted.)

7. Papers

8. Midterm Exam: (Essay Question Topics, Exam Card Preparation, and Student-generated Quotation Guide: MS Word or PDF version)

9. Final Exam: (Essay Question Topics, Exam Card Preparation, and Student-generated Quotation Guide)

10. Major Paper Rewrite Option: Your opportunity to revise the first paper of the semester for an entirely new grade if you wish: it's not mandatory.


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